It’s good to know what’s happening at home. It’s even better to see it through an Image Sensor. The Image Sensor helps smart homeowners stay visually connected to home with instant activity snapshots delivered to their smartphones.

Our redesigned Image Sensor gives you higher-resolution images, a wider field of view, enhanced night vision quality and three years of battery life, all inside a smaller package that blends into any corner of your home.

What is an Image Sensor?
image sensor
An Image Sensor is a small, smart, security device that combines motion detection with a camera. It can detect and capture activity day and night, generate smartphone alerts with images, and even trigger other devices around your home to act.

Unlike a smart security camera, an Image Sensor doesn’t need wires or Wi-Fi. It runs on batteries and connects wirelessly to your security system and its dedicated cellular connection. It can be installed in corners or on flat surfaces at almost any angle.

These qualities make it perfect for out-of-the-way locations around your home, or for a vacation home or second property where you don’t have broadband.

Once installed and connected to’s cloud platform via your smart security system, an Image Sensor gives you several valuable ways to see what’s happening at home.

1: Peek in anytime. To check in on your family, pets, house or yard, just open your app or web dashboard, choose the relevant Image Sensor and have it send you a real-time snapshot.

2: Automated alerts. Keep up to speed with important events using activity-triggered image alerts. These can be triggered by your Image Sensor’s motion detector, or by another device entirely, such as a door contact sensor or a smart lock.

These easy, customizable alerts are a great way to capture specific activity, like your kids arriving home from school.

3: Alarm-activated. In a fire or break-in, Image Sensors capture and deliver images automatically.

Connected wirelessly to your security panel (with battery backup) and its dedicated cellular connection, Image Sensors keep working even if your electricity and phone line are disconnected. Stored securely on’s cloud servers, these images can be valuable evidence to share with police or your insurer.