Whether you’re an experienced hunter or you only have a firearm for home protection, keeping your gun safe and secure is a top priority. Home burglars are often looking for three things: cash, jewelry, and guns. You can avoid being a victim by making your gun safe more secure using these three strategies:


A home security camera system allows you to monitor your home’s perimeter, entrances, windows, hallways, staircases, and high value items, such as your gun safe. For an easy-to-install solution, choose an alarm system by Neighborhood Watch Security. You have the ability to remote viewing from a smartphone app. You’ll have access to your security camera footage from anywhere and receive notifications for motion-triggered events. Your system can be set up to Monitor what’s happening in your home and around your gun safe in real time. All video can be stored in the cloud for later use.


An alarm system lets you know when your gun safe has been tampered with. It’s the perfect accessory to accompany your home security system or to protect your valuables solo. Most systems are battery powered, connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, and send you a text or email notification when an alert has been triggered. The system is set up to alert you when there is movement or when the door opens, which is great to know wether it is from a burglar or a family member that may not be allowed ie. kids. Like I said most home alarms connect to a home’s Wi-Fi network. Neighborhood Watch LLC is a Moni Authorized Dealer. All systems come with a sim card that pings off of Verizon Wireless cell towers. Since the signal goes to a mobile tower it can’t be cut off by turning the home owners modem off.


The location of your safe is more crucial to your guns’ safety than which gun safe you choose to purchase. Important to pick a area that isn’t obvious to a home intruder but easily accessible if needed. When deciding on where to mount your safe, you need to determine the floor / wall material. If bolting to the ground or mounting to a wall you will want to make sure it isn’t easy to use a pry tool with. Remember mounting to the wall isn’t the most practical or secure compared to bolting to a concrete floor.